Monday, January 14, 2008

Advice For the the Zen Photoshop Master Himself

My buddy, Scott Kelby's new book - Digital Photography Part 2 - just hit the stands. When I checked on Friday, Amazon only had two left, but lots more on the way - it's a "HOT" seller. Little known fact about the book - Scott asked me to edit the wedding chapter - what an incredible honor - I was thrilled. Imagine my surprise when I got to the last chapter page and I read, "Read David Ziser's Digital ProTalk Blog Daily"- yep, a whole page on my photo-blog - Hey, what can I say, I'm stoked! So, email, call, write your family friends, acquaintances, anybody you know and tell them to check out Scott's book and of course, High Fives to Mr. Kelby! Did I mention that you can get your copy of Digital Photography Part 2 right here.

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