Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Inspirational Images and More

One of the cool things about hitting the convention once a year is being able to catch up with some old friends you don't see too often. That's what happened when I ran into Tim Mathiesen at the ASP Fellowship Luncheon. This is an annual luncheon meeting during Imaging USA where many of the 98 photographers holding the honor of "Fellow" with the American Society of Photographers come together just to catch up with each other and welcome any new "Fellows" into this very esteemed group.

This year we had the honor to welcoming two new "Fellows" into the group. - Doran Wilson was one - check out his thesis and images right here

Image by Doran Wilson

Doran has a amazing set of submission images. The other new member was Dan Thornton who also had an amazing collection of images which you can check out right here.
Image by Dan Thornton

Congratulations to both Doran and Dan!!

Tim and I have the honor of being a part of this wonderful group of people and we got talking during the luncheon. He has been creating some beautiful panoramic images for years and just got his website up and running showcasing his fine art pano images. Check out the images right here at
Image by Tim Mathiesen

Hey gang, I would explore the ASP links a bit more. There is an astounding number of fantastic images here to view. I've been a Fellow with ASP since 1988, but now they are putting all the ASP members work online for viewing. It is a wonderful collection of breathtaking images. Some of us "older" members don't have our images listed, but I'm going to make it a goal to get that updated when we get back in town. In the meantime, check out the work of Peggy Vallejo Hall right here.

Image by Peggy Vallejo Hall

I had the honor of judging Peggy's work about 5 years ago and remember being "blown away" by her portrait and wedding images. Please take a minute or two to explore the ASP Fellowship images - just click on a name and take a peek at their images. It is truly an inspirational experience.

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