Monday, January 28, 2008

A Gift of Love

This post is about photography to some extent but more importantly its about a "Gift of Love" given innocently this past Christmas.

My mom was in her 88th year as she moved into 2008. By now, she was kind of worried about her age. I can remember her saying to me on one of her past birthdays, "Boy, I've always prayed to the Lord for a long and healthy life. Well, He's given it to me and I'm really worried now!!" Another great "Momism" quote I heard as we were all just sitting around reminiscing one day was, "I'm getting even more worried now, you know, I'm down to single digits now," referring to the years left to live. She always said it with a laugh and we all laughed with her. I admit, I still giggle, albeit through a tear or two, as I write these words. My mom had more sayings, more stories, more observations on her long life - how many - well, enough to fill a book.
That's exactly what my sister did with them over the summer and fall of 2007. She had a friend interview my mother about her life, times, and experiences over the eight decades of her life creating an oral history of my mom's life and times. My sister collected several family photographs going back many years, interspersed these images, along with other memorabilia, and the now transcribed her best stories as told by my mom into a wonderful keepsake album. The finished presentation given to my other sister, my brother, and myself at Christmastime.

Also included was an audio copy of the interviews on a CD. Little did she know how perfect her timing would be for this wonderful treasure. Her project was a great tribute to my mom and a wonderful gift to each of us that will help our memories of her survive even more indelibly in our hearts and minds over the rest of our lives.

I hope this post encourages some of you to do same for your siblings, your children, your spouse, even yourself. Don't wait until tomorrow, find the time to do it now!! It is truly a "Gift of Love" to whomever you present it.


  1. Great idea David. My wife and I did a 90 minute video for my my presenting a slide show of times and friends gone by. Included in that was interviews from those in town and tributes from those out of town. Fortunately, she got to watch this on her 90th before time caught up with her. Something of this nature will always be appreciated and it is best to do earlier then later.
    Another good idea David.

  2. David, First let me say I am so sorry about your mom... I am lucky enough to still have mine, but know how lost I have been since my father passed away 7 years ago. I did a scrapbook for my mom a few years ago using some of my favorite pictures from our family collection and on the opposite page I wrote a note about photo... either why I chose it, or some story behind it. I gave it to my mom that Christmas... and made her cry... many others have looked at the book since and most seem to react the same... shedding a few tears.. laughing a bit... but everyone loves the book. I think that you are so lucky that you have your Mom's stories, especially with the interviews captured too. I wish you peace over the next few days, weeks, months... you have my deepest sympathy.


  3. Wow, what a beautiful book!Maybe your mom felt that with the book finished her life was complete, and she could let go without any unfinished work. When my mom got sick, she insisted on making sure her pot roast recipe got passed down. We interviewed her on video tape and I learned some things about her childhood I didn't know. She died in '92 at 59 or a brain tumor.