Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Never Saw Anything Like This At the Show

Yep, another late night Internet cruise netted this interesting piece of light modifying flash equipment called "LightScoop." It's fairly inexpensive - $49 - attachment that you position around your on-camera flash to direct the light upwards towards the ceiling for a softer light. Here is the product link.

Hey, I think the after looks better too. I just hope the camera's ISO can pull off the diminished output you will get with the redirected photons. What's interesting to me is the fact everyone wants to soften the light coming out of these on-cameras flashes. Isn't it about time the manufactures just "cut to the chase" and build that right into the camera - maybe a rotating pop up flash of some kind. Anyway just a thought. If you've followed this blog you know I still prefer directional lighting.

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