Friday, January 11, 2008

Streaking For Fun And Profit

Albert Docks Light
Originally uploaded by petecarr

OK, while doing this one - it's just fine to keep your clothes on. Every now and then I come a cross an article that has nothing to do with wedding or portrait photography, but I like the creative aspect of it. This article from DigitalPhotographySchool right here on "How to Shoot Light Trails" fills the bill.

It's not just another short little "fluff" piece. The author goes into great detail about exposure, timing, whether to shoot RAW, and the like. You get more than just an insight on how to shoot streaking lights, you get the entire fully illustrated technique. The information is very well done - along with a good dose of creative thinking here. For more images in that same "Light Streak" vein, check out this Flickr link right here.

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