Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Little Trade Show News and Good Deals To Boot

Listen, I know photographers` are cheap - myself included although I prefer the term frugal - it sounds a bit more sophisticated. That being said, although I watched the demo of a bookbinding device at one of the booths, I wasn't ready to part with the $18,000 they wanted for the machine.

I was much more intrigued how Neil Enterprises - here is their link - was able to sell me a really nice 8x8 album with padded cover and moire lining and cover photo for only - get this - $15.00! What a great opportunity to feature those wonderful images of some of your favorite wedding vendors back home without breaking the bank. Just give them the books with your name included on several of the pages. It's an easy advertising dollar well spent. We picked up a quick 6 for just that purpose.

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