Monday, January 21, 2008

So I'm Reading This Article Over At Inc. Magazine...

The title is "Better Photos, Better Sales" - here is the link. Hey, it seems right up my alley - photography. I gave it a further read and the article is discussing how to get better product images with most of the product centering around better e-bay images for better sales. It tells me I should be "Blinging" my images and I can make more money - OK, I'm interested. Well, it seems there is this rather unique stand alone program that will easily extract the background from the image, and maybe even easier than Photoshop - it's called "Blingit."

I headed over to the Blingit site right here and watched their tutorials and the software does look fascinating. I know I posted two tutorials on extracting backgrounds; the first entitled, "Winter Wonderland Any Time Of Year" and the second entitled "Designer Portraiture Or How To Fool Mother Nature." Hey, check it out and see what you think.

Hey gang, that's about it for today - I'm heading out for my winter portrait session. See you tomorrow for Technique Tuesday. I'm going to post another lesson on "Classical Portraiture." See ya' then, --David

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