Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Playing Like the Big Boys - 11 Ways of Getting Media Coverage For Your Small Business

No ad agency or marketing gurus needed - but here are 11 ways to get some attention for your studio. I found these little tidbits over at Inc. Magazine's site - they have some good business information over there. Click here for the entire slide show. Hey gang, this is the kind of stuff we better think about doing in our heavily competitive businesses.

Here are the "quick hit" points right here.
01. Respond promptly.
02. Use distribution channels.
03. Plan ahead.
04. Tell the whole story.
05. Know your audience.
06. Don't send sloppy copy.
07. Establish yourself as an expert.
08. Show your face.
09. Perfect your elevator pitch.
10. Get online.
11. Be reachable.

Hey gang, that's about it for today, it's back to my real job. Have a great one and I'll see you tomorrow. --David

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