Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Quick Peek At Some Very Cool Photography

You sure don't see these kind of "baby pictures" everyday. My good friends, Bev and Tim Walden, operate the very successful Walden's Photography studio in Lexington, Kentucky. They are two of the most creative and most forward thinking people I know.

Years ago they started the "Relationship" portrait. They presented the concept, sales and product concepts around the country at many national, regional, and state conventions. Needless to say, the idea caught fire with many photographers around the country including us. It was copied widely, even in their own community of Lexington, Ky. Then a few years ago, they added a tag line to all their promotional pieces. I believe it was a stroke of marketing insight. They said "Instead of having something that looks like a Walden image, why not have a "Walden Original." I love how the tag phase really does say that they are different and really offer the best. Keep the idea in mind for your own promotions.

On a more important "Walden" note - while visiting with them at the end of the day, Tim was telling me about their new blog - You know we bloggers need to stick together - bloggers like talking to bloggers. Anyway, I checked it out and it was pretty cool. They are using it as a promotional tool to enhance their senior business. That being said, let me tell you about the really cool idea they have cooking right down the road (about 75 miles) from me. It's called Studio B - B, like in Babies. It is truly a brand new kind of baby photography. It's eye catching, unique, and typically "Walden." They are placing their little subjects in what appears to be a light tent, illuminating the baby form all directions and coming up with images that are really fun to see. Check out the link to Studio B right here and their Baby Gallery right here - really cool stuff.

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