Friday, January 04, 2008

Big Buck$$$ in Fine Art Prints

Yesterday, I gave you a peek at some of my fine art images and suggested maybe there was a monetary reward at the end of this endeavor. Well, while cruising the net, I happened on Paul Petticelli site with I featured a few weeks ago here on DigitalProTalk - here is that link again. One thing that caught my eye was his "Invitation" to purchase his fine art prints over on a site named ImageKind - here is their link.

ImageKind offers the printing, framing, and other display options for your images. Well, the wheels got turning and I checked them out. Turns out there are some good possibilities available. Check out this article over at MagicalPlacesFineArt entitled, "Successfully Selling Your Work on Imagekind" right here. This is the first of two articles. Here is the link to his second article right here. It turns out there are several such sites and EmptyEasle did a comparison on many of the art sites right here. Another good article on selling your fine art photography can also be found in this article entitled, "7 Tips to Increase Art Sales on Imagekind and Other Art Selling Websites" right here.
What continues to intrigue me are all the opportunities out there to leverage our talent, passion, and creativity. These articles are all a "good read" if you are interested in taking the next step. I am certainly looking at the possibilities at my end. Good Luck with it if you decide to give it a go.

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