Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday - 2nd Day of the New Year

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, we had a uneventful New Year's Eve. I did stay up and watch the ball drop. I mentioned my daughter, Elizabeth was in that crowd of 1 million people - turns out she and her friend got passes to the "Good Morning America" building and she was rubbing shoulders with Ryan Seacrest, Dick Clark, and Kerry Underwood. She continued to be on her New Years Eve high when she called the next day - ahhh... to be that young again.

OK, 2007 in behind us and we just started 2008 - so what's the game plan? (Isn't that a great way to get around saying, "So, what's your New Year's resolution?"). Hey, I'll go first. I planning to write my first photography book this year. I was approached by Wiley Press last year - nothing nailed down yet, but I'm working on the concepts as we speak. We are also starting production of 5 new, mostly photography, videos for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) You may have caught part of that story earlier right here. We start filming in 2 weeks.

And lastly, because we had such a positive response from our attendees and sponsors to our "Digital WakeUp Call" tour in 2006 - we are in the planning stages of a 40 city lecture tour which we plan to kick off in the second part of 2008 - working title: "Digital WakeUp Call - A New Dawn!" So lot's going on as usual. Now are you ready to put on your New Years resolution cap as well, read on for a few suggestions below.

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  1. How about letting your wife do the tour and calling it "A New LaDawn"