Monday, March 03, 2008

Marvelous, Marvelous Monday

Good Morning Everyone,
What a weekend - we finally got out of the door on Friday, and after a little traffic heading north we hit Dayton, Ohio - not quite the center of the universe, but still a nice Midwestern city. I actually went to college - the University of Dayton - just a few years ago. That's where I received my Engineering degree which has been so helpful in the brave new digital world of ours.

Anyway, we landed just in time to catch up with my buddy, David Jay. We had a wonderful meal, great conversation, and some laughs. We headed back to the Marriott for a early evening as David had an 8:00 A.M. program. If you have never heard DJ speak, make it a top priority if he ever comes to a city near your. His presentation was super informative, inspirational, thought provoking, and packed with good marketing info. What a joy it was to be in the audience - I think everyone felt the same way.

You can get more info on David over at his web site right here. Also check out his forum - it's not a bunch of "crank" postings - nearly all are from really nice people - worth the visit. David was heading over to Germany for a program on Sunday - he is one busy guy and great wedding photographer.

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  1. Hey David and LaDawn! Thanks for the nice post and what a treat it was to hang with you in Ohio! Have a blast in Mexico and I can't wait to see you in Vegas!