Thursday, March 27, 2008

And Speaking Of Success

There are all kinds of ways to “skin the cat,” the success cat that is. I saw this fascinating article on “Success” a week or so ago over at APhotoEditor and thought it had a good message about real success.

The article is entitled, “Unconventional Rules For Success.” Here is a few quick bullet points from the article. Please give it a thorough read right here - it's worth it in our too busy world we live in today.

  1. Take whatever time you need to discover what matters to you most.

  2. Don’t base your choices on others’ approval.

  3. Stay authentic.

  4. Go for meaning over money every time.

  5. Be endlessly greedy — for learning.

  6. Make a friend of failure.

  7. Make sure that every time you make a mistake, it’s a new one.

  8. Choose to spend your time with the right people.

  9. Drop whatever is inconsistent with these principles.

Hey everybody, got to run – time for me to get back to my real job again for a few days. See you tomorrow for an unforgettable “Inspiration Friday.” Be sure to tune in.... you will really enjoy it. Adios, --David

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  1. Excellent advice, thanks for reminding me...Dave Spring