Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WayBack Machine Wednesday

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, we survived the skiing including one black diamond!! I'm still in one piece, and writing the post this morning in complete and utter pain - not really but there are a few parts of my body letting me know I should have taken it a bit easier yesterday (and applied a little sunscreen.) All in all it was a great day with my son, Aaron on the right, as our host showing us all the beautiful runs of Park City Ski Resort. I have to say the views from the sky lift and top of the mountains were unbelievable.

We head home today for just a few days before heading to Photoshop World on Sunday, so we still have a pretty hectic schedule ahead of us. Luckily no weddings this weekend so we should get a few days to recoup. Anyway enough of that, how about another installment of the "Ziser WayBack Machine." Off we go....

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