Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Real Quick WPPI Trade Show Recap

Hey only two things today since we were in and out pretty quick yesterday. In yesterday's post, I talked about NIK's Viveza software. We visited out friend Janice who was demo-ing it and the program blew me away when I saw the functionality. Man, this software could make every wedding image stunning, not that you would use it on every image - but pick a few and make them sing. Very briefly, the software let's you make corrections anywhere on the image with NIK's U-Point technology. As I sit here typing the blog, I pause just thinking about the possibilities. I'm picking up a copy, so look for more information and results on this real soon. Here is the Viveza link right here for the on-line demo. Download the 15 day free trial - let me know how it strikes you.

We stopped by to see my buddy Eric at ExpoImaging, the source of the Expo-Disk. I love the portrait warm version best. He was showing a brand new "Ray Flash Ring Light". Here is the cool part with this nifty little item - it fits right over your 580EX 0r SB800 flashes which supplies the flash to the ring light. You only loose about 1 stop of light - pretty clever. He promised me a "sneak peak" so stay tuned on that one too.

Hey gang, LaDawn's giving me the high sign to head back over to the show, so check in tomorrow to see what's cooking. The plan is still for another "Ziser Wayback Machine" episode assuming I'm not at the tables too long this evening ;~) See you tomorrow, everybody. --David

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