Friday, March 07, 2008

Alright Already - How Do I Get Into The Game?

Glad you asked - here are two links to companies that offer the service, and no, it doesn't "break the bank." Life Pixel is probably the one most mentioned - here is their link right here. I know some photogs who have used their services and have been quite happy. The other service that has come up on occasion is MaxMax right here.

Now if you are a part time brain surgeon and want do do it yourself, Life Pixel shows you how to do it right here. And another source for the do it yourselfer is Kleptography right here.

Hey gang, enjoy the links today. LaDawn and I, we have one more day in Mexico, and we are going to soak up every last minute. See you back in good ol' KY on Monday. Have a great weekend, everybody. --David

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