Monday, March 03, 2008

Lot's To See Saturday

The rest of Saturday we spent the day walking the trade show of the Mid-East States Regional Exhibition. This is a nice show because it pulls photographer participation from the four states of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan. Here are the quick hits from the show. If you are into printing your own banners and exhibition materials Intelicoat was showing some of these new Intelicoat-Magiclee materials - the back light vinyl was absolutely gorgeous from the front but absolutely stunning when back lit. I'm going to test it in the near future - I'll keep you posted.

Tamron was showing their new - get this - 28-300mm image stabilized lens. I put it on my camera, racked it out to 300mm, and man, you could see it lock right in without any "jiggle" at all. Can't say I've seen image stabilization that impressive as this. Tamron is saying FOUR F-Stops which ups the ante in that department, if you ask me. I'll try to get my hands on one and give you the low down.

For the bargain hunters out there, Dury's had their Scandisk 1 gig cards on clearance again for only $29 for two - quite the deal. Here is the Dury's link for more info.

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