Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Most Powerful Word In The World - ASK!

Luckily I learned this early in my career - the power of asking. I remember hearing the advice, "You can have anything in the world you want, you just have to ask for it." I have to say, whether that is true in every case remains yet to be seen, it's still great advice. Freelanceswitch has a nice article entitled, "25 Things You Must Learn To Ask For" right here. Here are my top five from the list - check out the other 20, it's a good read.
  1. Ask for a down payment.
  2. Ask for recommendations.
  3. Ask for referrals.
  4. Ask for testimonials.
  5. Ask for suggestions.


  1. And speaking of asking... I know we didn't exactly flood you with entries, but any chance you'll be choosing a lucky recipient from the Rear Curtain Sync assignment soon?


  2. Do you mean "The most powerful WORD in the world."