Friday, March 07, 2008

So Who Else Is Interested In The Fine Art Of Infra-Red Photography?

Maybe more than you think. I came across this in an article that announced the formation of The League of Creative Infrared Photographers which was officially formed just two months ago in January 2008. It was established to promote the joy, excitement, and creativity of infrared photography from in-camera capture to enhancing images in the digital darkroom.
Check out their members right here and then check out some of the members' galleries. These include some beautiful images. You can find some more very cool digital infra-red images in their digital gallery right here. Happy cruising - very inspirational.

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  1. Who else is interested in infra-red? Surveillance photographers. Infra-red photography is a great tool for shooting surveillance photos - especially under less than ideal lighting conditions.


    Jim Hoerricks
    Forensic Photoshop