Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Morning Reflections"

"Morning Reflections"
© David A. Ziser

This image was made looking out our hotel window. Each morning the the early light hits the glass on the opposite building and gives a wonderful display of warm colors. The close crop gave me the abstract patterns and colors I wanted. Camera specs: Canon 40D fitted with 17-85mm lens at 85mm, F7.1 @ 1/125 second, ISO 1600. Enjoy! -David


  1. David,

    off Topic, but I wanted to report I just watched 2 segments of your training at Kelby Training. WOW, Outstanding.

    Having attended your last school last year, I must say, this training will go down as one the best on Kelby Training.

    What you taught me last year on the importance of light in Photography.

    Thank you,

    Ken in Lexington, KY

    PS: I should have a bottle of rare wine from my son for you who is a wine aficionado in Italy.

  2. This is another "thank you" vote for your training series on Kelby. I just watched it and was so thrilled. David, you are a wonderful teacher. I learned so much on so many levels from watching this series of videos. How you related to the subjects, the posing tips, etc.... For those of us who, for whatever reason, have been unable to attend one of your classes in person, a big THANK YOU for doing this class on Kelby training! I love your blog and all the tips you offer each week. You ROCK!! And...thank you!!