Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Way Cool Wedding Photog Site

Hey gang, I'm wrapping today's post with a link to John Solano's website right here. John presented at the Nikon booth last week at WPPI and did an excellent job.

His images were beautiful and his "flashlight" technique was pretty cool - in fact, I purchased the flashlight he was using later that evening on-line. I'll keep you posted as to my results. Anyway, check out John's site - it is Flash, but a bit different in concept from most flash sites. I think you will enjoy it. Here is the link to John's right here.

Hey everybody, that's it for today. LaDawn and I have a plane to catch. I"ll see you back in Cincy tomorrow for [B]Business Day Thursday. See you then, -David.


  1. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was "Way cool" It was very hard to navigate. I saw a couple pictures and I was outta there.
    One of the biggest problems out there with Photography sites, is the notion that if it's on the web, people will find it super easy and will have no problem navigating it. Even if it is all Flash and javascripted out.
    Minimize Flash!
    I really struggled with the decision to use it on mine, but in the end it doesn't take anything away from the site because its use within the site not the site itself.
    The guy may have good photos but I'll never know because the user experience was very bad.
    Have you ever got lost in a mall trying to find something?...

  2. I have to say I agree with the previous comments.

  3. I was at WPPI too and saw John's presentation... missed the make and model number of the "flashlight." Did anyone catch it?

  4. Man, you guys are tough - I thought it was a bit hard to navigate too, but the room thing was different.
    BTW - Brinkman flash light - more on it this week.

  5. Do you guys know its (johns flashlight) model and where to find? I'm from Brazil and saw him in a workshop using it but he did not tell us the model since he's going to develop its own model. I'd apreciate if you guys help me out.

    Vinicius Matos