Monday, March 10, 2008

Get It In Writing Or Pay The Price

And that price could be $4000 – that’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. Even though he had a verbal agreement with the client to display the print and was going to give them the image after the display had run it’s course the husband saw an opportunity in the sate law that allowed for compensation up to $4000 if a photographic image was displayed without written permission. My friend paid the $4000.

Hey gang, I think it was a “rip” too, but it is a true story. How can you avoid the same kind of disaster? A good place to start is with a model release signed by your client when you plan to use their image in any public display. That includes sample prints at a mall, print ads, brochures etc. About the best article I've found on the subject is over at Digital Photography School right here. They have several links to sample model releases too - a good read. Here is a link right here for a custom model release that you can modify as to your particular situation. Here is another link right available for model releases you can buy in pads of 50. Be safe not sorry.

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  1. I have been having my "Models" sign a releaase form even though I am just posting on my future blog and the Digital Photography School forum for crituques. I am not getting paid for my work (I am just practicing and learning) but I figured I better be in the habit just in case...