Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kate and Ben - A Great Wedding

As part of Technique Tuesday, I'm presenting an overview of the wedding from this past weekend. Of course these 80 images represent only a small portion of what was actually shot, but I think it gives a good overview of the event. Take a peek - I think it captures the love, fun, excitement, joy, and spontaneity of the wonderful wedding celebration.


  1. David,
    I am not a photographer, but I am the MOM...
    the ECSTATIC mom!
    While our kids are off on their honeymoon, this video sends us OVER the moon!
    thanks so much!
    Jan K

  2. I love this! I looked at their website and unfortunately you can't burn to a DVD successfully because the quality is not there. But if they could...WOW!

  3. David,

    you never fail to blow me away! Is there anyway I can study with you??? The sad thing is that I am from way deep south Texas! Edinburg, TX

    Thanks for all the information you provide us! Please be aware that I truly admire and respect your work!

    Thank you!

    Ruben Eddie Sanchez


  4. David, What software did you use to produce this video? Did you put the images together one at a time or did the program do the heavy lifting?

    I'm a photographer from Kentucky and I still photograph there about twice a year.

    Thanks, Bill