Friday, March 21, 2008

Hot News - Right Off The Presses - Ziser Goes Live

My first training series went live this past Thursday - yesterday. Scott Kelby just announced it on his blog today - here is the link. Ken from Lexington just posted to my blog his "review" of my new training video. Here is what he said, "I wanted to report I just watched 2 segments of your training at Kelby Training. WOW, Outstanding. Having attended your Master Class last year, I must say, this training will go down as one the best on Kelby Training."

Charity also had this to say, "This is another "thank you" vote for your training series on Kelby. I just watched it and was so thrilled..." Hey Ken and Charity, thanks for the "high-fives" on the training. I tried to make that video just "chocked full" of lighting info and techniques helpful not just to the wedding/portrait shooter, but for anyone wanting to make better photographs with their digital cameras. Check it out over at Kelby right here.

FYI: My Summer Master Class is scheduled for July 7-11. Call the Studio for more information and to reserve your space. 800.292.2994


  1. Hey David, congratulations on getting your videos up on kelbytraining. I just wrote a plug on your Flickr discussion group and also sent appreciation feedback on the kelby site.

    Your video series is awesome and is just what I needed as a wedding photographer who is still fairly new to the biz.

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. Maybe one day I'll be able to participate in your Master classes.

  2. Hey David.

    Truly an amazing class you have put together there...and i have only watched the first 3 episode. I had to stop so i could go try a few things my self.

    Its one of the best classes on the Kelby site by far, I very much look forward check out the rest of the class.

    Thanks again for doing this!

    Jan Winther

  3. Hi David
    Just watched your class, very professional and informative. Thanks for the good advice.

    Dave Spring

  4. Hi David
    I just watched all your episodes. It was so informative and practical. I can apply so much of these tips to even everyday photography, let alone weddings as I have struggled with my flash. It was so great to see how you used the on camera flash so creatively to create such beautiful light on your subjects. Amazing what can be done with on camera flash! I was surprised to see you were a jpeg shooter as well. Thank you so much! This more than justifies my subscription to Kelby
    Training, these are my new faves, I think I'll go watch them again. Thank you and I can't wait till you do some more

  5. Hi David,

    Really excellent class. Very well explained, fantastic results,can't wait to try them at my nexy wedding. Looking forward to more of your classes.

    Take care


  6. David,
    I just finished watching the class and it is absolutely one of the best classes that I have seen!! I learned a lot from watching it!!
    Just one question....In your segment on color balance you set a custom white balance from a picture of the brides dress....How do I set a custom white balance from a picture using a Nikon D300? Can this only be done with canon?

  7. David,

    I have been waiting for your classes to start at Kelby Training. As soon as I saw it I went through the entire class. It was great. I'll be going through it again and more.

    Looking forward to the rest of the classes. Also enjoy the blog very much. A daily stop.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.