Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carefree Wedding Photography and Video

Hey gang, I'm going out on a David Jay note today. I mentioned last week that David and I had a chance to get together and just visit at the PPO convention - I like his approach to life and I like his photography. Check out his video right here - it's a mix of wedding video coverage with David's stills, which gives some good insight in how to shoot an outside summer wedding in your "neck of the woods." It's full of fun, action, spontaneity, color, scene setters, nice b&w images, and sunsets - worth the 5 minute watch.

That's it for today everybody - as usual, things are a hoppin' and I have to get back to my real job. See ya' tomorrow for another trip on the Ziser "Way back Machine" --David

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  1. Rock on David! Thanks for the nice post! I hope Mexico was incredible! See you soon!