Thursday, March 27, 2008

Using Your Time Wisely

I’m taking the liberty of posting a recent comment from one of my readers, Bakari Chavanu, who is trying something new out for his business. I thought it was a good idea for all the DigitalProTalk readers so I am featuring it here for everyone’s benefit.

Bakari writes,

“I thought I'd contribute something I'm trying out for my business, which has been rather slow in the last few months. Like most people who are self-employed, I've realized that it's really easy to not use my time wisely or as productively as I could.

While I get lots of work done, there are days and weeks when I let things I need to get done lag or drop by the waste side. So I've decided to start keeping a business goals and maintenance log where I list goals and actions that I need to accomplish in the area of marketing, photography skills, and personal/business growth. Every week I will fill out the log and keep track of what I'm getting done. When I come across ideas and techniques like the ones I come across on your site, I'll write them in my log, to make sure I'm getting it done.
Here's a link to the pdf copy of the log if anyone is interested.”

Thanks Bakari. Continued Success.............

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