Friday, March 28, 2008

Fabulous Inspiration Friday

Good Afternoon Everybody,

I'm throwing this post up a little late today because of the delayed post yesterday. Sorry, we had too much stuff going on around here to get it up earlier.

On a different note - a little housekeeping - I need feedback from our readers. I had Joe comment that the posts were getting too long and his FireFox browser was having trouble seeing all the posts. I've cut the posts down to 10 days showing instead of 15 days. Let me know it that helps. Also, I had a reader comment that the Technique Tuesday videos were not running in Safari. This is the first time I have heard of this problem but all works fine on my MAC while browsing with Safari. So keep me posted if you too may be having trouble or if all is running fine.

I would also like your input as to how you like the format of the blog; Monday - open, Tues - Technique Tuesday, Wednesday - open or special series like Wayback Machine and History of Wedding Photography, Thursday - [B]Business day Thursday, and Friday - Inspirational site and images. I personally like the way it is coming together - but would like to get your feedback. So please, let your voice be heard and don't hold back on those comments, suggestions, topic ideas, pleas of help and image solutions.... just let me know. Thanks!!

How about on with "Inspiration Friday". While LaDawn and I were in Park City strolling down Main Street, we stopped by about every gallery displaying examples of photography. Some of the stops were truly inspirational!! The work of some photographers we knew and others we didn't, was breath taking. Let me share a part of our stroll with you.


  1. David, thanks for all your work on this site. I'm on Safari 3.0.4 and the videos work for me about half the time.

    I enjoy a different theme each weekday and also the liberal sprinkling of your photos from past and present.

    If there's anything I would change, it's the "overabundance" of "quotation marks" in the "body text." They look cheesy. Maybe that's already been a topic of discussion between you and your editor. :)

    Thanks again for your generosity!

  2. I never miss a post. I linger. Some posts I revisit. I take away inspiration by the carload. I learn something every week—I learn about photography, Photoshop, business management, marketing, generosity, the importance of being a dedicated artist and business person, and I get some fascinating insight into the man who provides all the rich content here. Other than that I'm not too crazy about either the format or the content.

    Just saying "Thank, again" over and over seems lame, but I should do it regularly. Thanks, again.

  3. How do I say this diplomatically? Anon talked about your overabundance of "quotes"; I'd like to talk about your overabundance. I like you pictures - alot. It's just how many times do we need to see 'em? I had six or seven posts today from you alone. Pick a topic and write a blurb on it - that's all we need. You are great with light. You are great with PS. But, holy toledo; I don't really need to see Bar Mitzvah shots from 20 years ago. Keep up the good work. But find a limit and stick to it or I'm going to have to unplug you.
    craig collier

  4. David, Please Don't Change Anything!

    If someone doesn't like your blog or content, there are lots of other blogs.

    You are my secret mentor... I love your writing & the places / links you send us to.

    Hope to see you in the Fall.

    Vegas Bill

  5. Hi David,
    Everything works fine for me on my mac and the format is great. Of all the blogs I subscribe to you are by far the most prolific. Keep it up! When I check my rss feeds I treat them like I read National Geographic, that is to say that I scan through first, then read the posts I am most interested in and revisit later to catch the rest. I don't always read all of your posts as you cover such a broad range of topics but judging by the comments they are all being read. Your blog is both informative and entertaining, I wouldn't change anything!

  6. David, I second what Bill said. Please don't change what you're doing here! I can only speak for myself, but your blog is truly unique and I am so grateful for what you are doing in sharing all that you do with us. I love the format, and everything loads and shows fine for me on a Mac using Safari. For those who don't appreciate what you share or feel it is too much, by all means they can just skip it. But for those of us who feel as though they have find a gold mine of information relating to one of their passions in life, PLEASE don't stop WE SO APPRECIATE YOU and all that you are doing. I continue to be amazed by your dedication to this blog while even on the road. Your generosity and willingness to share your expertise, insight and thinking process with us is exemplary. I love all the photos you share including the ones from the past. I love seeing the progression of photography through time, and I love seeing your progression as a photographer as well. You inspire me each day please don't stop doing what you're dong! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, refreshed and ready to continue your daily blog for those of us who stop by each day. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, continue on for your faithful readers! And THANK YOU!

  7. David,
    I love everything you GIVE AWAY FREE!!!
    A minor item is the black background and white text. It's not easy to read, but I don't miss a word!

  8. I can't really comment on improvements since this is my first visit to the site. I stumbled along here from a link at dpreview citing your latest photoshop video. I've gotta say I'm very impressed and love your blog. I've added it to my bookmarked shortcuts and will be spending some time catching up! Thanks!

  9. a daily visit to your blog would be greatly missed, please do not change a thing

  10. I truly enjoy everything you post. I appreciate how much you know and how freely you share it. Sometimes it is a little corny or overly complimentary of others but that is a part of you that comes through in how I think you DO appreciate the opportunity to share with us readers what you have learned from others, yourself.

    I use Google Reader and follow about 50 blogs per day. Some are just a compilation of other blogs headlines. Yours is the best, contains lots of original info, and I look forward to reading it daily. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing.

    Thank you for all that you share with us and for helping me become a better photographer.

  11. David, everything is working fine here Safari version 3.1 (4525.13). I usually click the videos to open up full screen though, maybe a link straight to the full screen version.

    Love the blog as it is. Like a previous comment, I usually drop in at least once a day and browse. If it is something I am particularly interested, which is most things, I delve deeper.

  12. Hi David,
    I completely disagree with Mr. Anonymous. I amazed at the number of posts and love the Bar Mitzvahs from 20 years ago. It’s quality and quantity at a great price!

    Everything is displaying correctly in IE 6 and 7, and I like the weekly format.

    The only thing I’d really appreciate is a larger default text size. The small white text on black is pretty hard on the eyes. Although I usually prefer smaller text, I’ve learned to switch to the larger size when I visit. (I browse with I.E.) A larger default size would do the trick.

    Also, please consider that the number of categories is overwhelming. They probably don’t need to be so specific. When I go to look something up, I look at the category list and ‘holy smokes!’

    P.S. I’m shooting my first wedding in 2 weeks with the Quantum T5D setup and assistant. I can’t wait!

  13. I love the structure of the topics on your blog. I drop in everyday to browse. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into posting the blog.

  14. I'm really loving the way you do your blog currently, don't you dare change it.

    I can't tell you how much I have learned over the past month or so since I found your blog. Please keep up the great work.