Monday, March 31, 2008

Radio Poppers and High Speed Sync

About the coolest new piece of flash related equipment is about to hit the streets - The Radio Poppers. These things have been getting a lot of coverage all over the net these last few months. What is a Radio Popper ?? It's a clever device you attach to your 580EX2 or SB800 flashes which then gives you full functionality of the Master-Slave features of the flashes and also the High Speed sync features as well. In the past, reliability and consistency of these flash units has not been the best mainly because of distance and line of site limitations of the IR sensors of the flash units themselves. Radio Poppers change all that.

My blogging buddy, Matt Adcock over at FlashFlavor, got a chance to check them out recently. You can read his test report right here. Also, there is a nice Popper Promo featuring their high speed flash versatility right here. And lastly, check out the Radio Popper web site for all the info right here. Frankly gang, I think these are pretty hot items and bear watching if you want to take your flash photography to the next level.

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  1. Thanks for linking to us David!

    I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at WPPI! Next time bro!

    These RP units look to be super exciting to play with. I'm looking forward to my next wedding with them!