Monday, March 31, 2008

Ten Legal Commandments For Photographers

So, is it OK to photograph public buildings or private spaces? If you are asked to leave, what are your rights? I've personally had the guards chase me from outside a Federal building before. I was photographing a senior against the cool facade of the building and we got the boot. Anyway, this is a good read over at PhotoJoJo right here. And it may keep you out of trouble down the road - unless you choose to walk the edge like me ;~)

Hey everybody, that's it for today - time to crack open the Sinex, Drixoral, and Advil. So a sniffy adios to all, and I hope to see you tomorrow for another addition of Technique Tuesday, --David

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  1. You had better get a more accurate source for legal information. The very first thing posted on that site is wrong. Malls are indeed "open to the public" but that does not make it OK to photograph there. This is settled law and has been upheld many times when tested. The Mall can boot you and prevent you photographing there IF they want to. Perfectly legally.