Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Looking Up In Las Vegas"

"Looking Up In Las Vegas"
© David A. Ziser

LaDawn and I were just relaxing on the patio of our hotel at the end of the evening. I leaned backwards over my lounge chair and was taken by the very cool symmetry of the building. Needless to say I grabbed the camera and took the photograph. The upside down perspective adds to the interest of the image for me. The late evening illumination added to the unusual color and softness of the light. Camera specs; Canon 40D fitted with 17-85mm lens at 17mm, F4.0 @ 1/8 second, ISO 1600. Enjoy! -David

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  1. David, just wanted to say thanks for the way you treat your blog. I enjoy reading everything. It is refreshing that you keep focused on photography while other well known people are bent on creating controversy and a genuine and obvious dislike for the USA.

    Thanks again.