Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Micro-Stock - 500 images - $21 in 2 months

So is there any money in Micro-Stock photography? I thought this was a great article by Marek Uliasz right here.
See what I mean, this guy has a lot of "irons in the fire." (See previous post) Many of us want to make an extra buck or two and maybe some of us have considered micro-stock photography but the big question - "Is it worth it." This article covers the results for Mr. Uliasz's first two month experience. He has 3 informative links at the bottom of this article, too. Good info if you are interested in finding another avenue to explore in how to make a dollar or two.

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  1. I have posted my numbers for February which was my third month in microstock with a ~100 picture portfolio:

    My iStock portfolio is doing quite well, FT is starting to move, others - no comments …


  2. I am posting my monthly reports with earnings and actual payments from my microstock portfolio. Here is the last report from September: