Monday, February 11, 2008

Things Are A'Hoppin' Monday

Good Morning everybody,
WOW! There are some exciting things happening to day. Brian Auer, mater blogger over at EpicEdits - a really cool photog blog - ask me to be part of his brand new project - the FineArtPhotoBlog launching today!

The Fine Art Photoblog is a unique website dedicated to collectors and admirers of fine art photography. The site is something of a mix between art gallery, photoblog, and search engine. I'm stoked to be part of it. We are not only posting imaging but making them available for sale to. I'll keep you updated details and on the results of that endeavor.

Check out the press release on the Fine Art Photo Blog right here. It will give you the whole story. Wait there's more - why am I so stoked - one of the reasons in the group of photogs I get to hang out with. Hit the "Photographs" tab on the site and check out some of their images - I spent a good bit of the weekend doing just that! Really good stuff here. Now on with the Monday musings...


  1. I visited the Fine Art Photoblog and was somewhat disappointed. The navigation and presentation is terrible.

    Where is the link to the Gallery?

    I'll make a few brief points.

    Have a link to the gallery. Have the gallery broken up into different types of images.

    The key to a site like this is going to be traffic and Google ranking. That requires content added on a consistent basis.

    If I were doing it I'd have a Photo of the Day. Just one image on the front page each day. Write a paragraph or two about the image. Tell us why that image special, why we should care about it.

    Make navigation of the site easy. Don't make the visitor hunt and search for what they're looking for.

  2. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll pass them on. Remember, the is brand new right out the box and patience is a virtue.
    Thanks, David