Friday, February 08, 2008

Luxuriating In the Lap of Landscape Photography

Now check out these three sites:

Site #1 features some truly the gorgeous landscape images at Landscapes 2.0 website right here. Click in the keyword cloud on the left or whatever word tickles your fancy. I personally like mountains, clouds and sea. Be prepared to be blown away - every image is breathtaking!
Site #2 features the work of Kenneth Parker - again an outstanding gallery of images are presented on Mr. Parker's site right here. Turns out he was Eliot Porter's field assistant . That sounds like a good place to pick up a little experience!! He works in the large format analogue world and is producing amazing images. His mentor has been Paul Caponigro who has graced these posts before. Paul writes: "Parker’s stunning prints have impressed me and will no doubt also impress you for their beauty of craft as well as content. Those who will give sufficient time to discover what has been wrought through his efforts will no doubt be rewarded. He has met and mastered the shape of his own passion and vision. Don't miss some nice article on his site as well."

Site #3 Haven't had enough yet - check out the stunning work of Paulo Jorge Oliveira right here. Paulo's blog has been named the 2007 BEST PORTUGUESE BLOG. His blog was also name PHOTOBLOG OF THE WEEK at COOLPHOTOBLOGS (May 2007). Truly amazing as well as inspirational images here.

OK, forget about taking a break, go home early today and spend some quality time with these amazing photographers.

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