Thursday, February 14, 2008

Customer Service - A New Paridigm...

For any business, big or small, new or seasoned, successful or struggling - ask yourself this question;

Have you called a customer … TODAY?
Sounds simple, doesn't it, most of us never do it. I first heard about this simple concept from my accountant, Mackey McNeil, who by the way does an excellent job at customer service. She has had a policy at her company, Mackey Advisers that her staff had to "hug" (contact, send a note, call) two clients a week. Sounds like a simple and easy policy towards enhancing the way to that "customer service" garden. Actually, if the truth actually be known, I secretly mentor her - no weirdness intended. I like how she runs her company and try to emulate areas that apply in my own business. We should always keep our eyes and ears open to learn.

Anyway, we get the job delivered and that's about it till the client calls again wanting another sampling of our product or service - in our case, photography. Why don't we "till" our customer service garden more frequently? Customer service should NEVER stop once the product or service is delivered. Customer service is a CONTINUING process for each and every customer! We should NEVER let go if we want them to come back.

Too many businesses spend WAY too much time looking for new business when the past and current clients are ready to engage us right now. It about time, especially in today's business climate, that we go through a paradigm shift in our thinking about our client connects. No longer do we or should we have a "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" attitude towards our customers. We should never think, "Oh, that was one of my past clients."

Folks, we should never have "past" clients. They always need to be current clients and we keep them current with the occasional phone call, card or note from us personally or at least from someone on our staff. When that customer is looking for photography again, who do you think they are going to call first? Will they take a chance on someone unknown to them or will they contact their friends over at David A. Ziser Photography?


  1. Ok david, I get what your saying, but what about all those clients that are truly pass clients? You know the ones I did not follow up with, call, write or contact?

    I live in a small town and run into past clients all the time, or hear from one client or another that so and so has just taken their child or senior to studio X.

    So for the sake of this conversation lets say I scrwed up big time and did not stay on top of those past clients.

    Any ideas on how to get them back? How to win them over again? Should I invest in these past clients now? Or move on find new ones and learn from my past mistakes and never let anyone else become a past client?


  2. I think I would start with a "Just Thinking of You" promotion mailing to all you past, but not forgotten clients. Do it three times and work it around a special holiday - like Valentines Day. OK, we are past that one so just pick another or just make up a "Thinking of You" day at the studio. All past clients get some special incentive for revisiting the studio. Maybe some other readers can add to the idea too.