Friday, February 15, 2008

"You Gotta Have Heart"

"You Gotta Have Heart"
© David A. Ziser

This image is a real "blast from the past." With all the light painting articles today though, I thought is was an appropriate post. This image was made in 1980 - almost 28 years ago, but I still remember taking it. It was a 4th of July wedding and the couple wanted me to capture the spirit of the day in a photograph. Heck, they even brought the "sparklers." That's all I needed.
We found a safe place in the parking lot away from cars so no sparks would fall where they could do harm. I had the couple rehearse the motion of making the heart shape a few times till we all thought it looked good. We were ready, I had my Hasselblad cable release attached and fitted with an 80mm lens positioned on a tripod and ready to go.
The game plan was to light the sparklers, have the couple start the heart at the bottom, tracing up and coming together in the middle pointing the sparklers down, and kissing at the end. At that moment, my assistant fired the flash manually and I released the cable release - presto! we had it. Camera specs; Hasselblad fitted with 80mm Distagon lens, F8 @ "bulb" exposure, Kodak Vericolor 400 film. Enjoy! -David


  1. Hey David!

    I know you cited the exposue at "bulb"...I am assuming it was the length of time it took to make the heart?

    How long was your exposure?

    How about the flash?

    Thanks dave!

    Ruben E. Sanchez
    CS Media PRoductions

  2. Magnificent!
    Now-a-days we just put it on bulb mode and shoot 500 times until it looks right. How much would THAT have cost in 1980?!

  3. Hi Ruben,
    Yep, Bulb means shutter open as long as it took to make the heart - flash was fired slightly from the side at the moment of the kiss. We did do it a few times hoping for the best. The next year we ended up with an apple instead of a heart. --David