Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Love To Be Put In A Polarizing Situation

Or why you should consider using a polarizing lens in some of the photography. This is something that most people know little about which is why I added it to the post today. Using a polarizing filter correctly can add dramatically to your the final result of your image - richer skies, clearer water, etc.

Check out the thorough and very well written
article over at Luminous-Landscape right here. It's a great read. GreatLandscapePhotography has another great article right here too. For just a quick peek on the subject, take a peek at the short article over at PhotoLearnings right here. And, if you have your PhD. in Physics and are a member of MENSA - this article on Polarization at Wikipedia right here will be right up your alley;~)

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