Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lack Of Sales Is Not A Problem - Read On There's More

"Lack of sales is NOT a problem. People’s indecision is NOT a problem. Lack of motivation is NOT a problem. All three are SYMPTOMS. If you’re looking to cure your ills, you’d better look deeper than complaining." These are words from one of the top sales trainers in the market.

I get Jeff Gitomer's newsletter every week. I have purchased some of his sales books, and I really like his message. He focuses mostly on taking responsibility for your success, stop making excuses, and let's get the job done.
Here is a short excerpt from his last newsletter.

Here’s where to start – look for the clues:
  • CLUE ONE: Plan less. Act more.

  • CLUE TWO: Plan for today the night before.

  • CLUE THREE: Plan for the week on Sunday.

  • CLUE FOUR: Plan six valuable or money meetings.

  • CLUE FIVE: Plan actions and activities that lead to completion.

  • CLUE SIX: Plan successes, not just actions.

  • CLUE SIX POINT FIVE: Now is the time. You know the old expression, “There’s no time like the present.” I say, “There is only the present.”

Here is the rest of Jeff article right here. I think his kick in the pants attitude is good for all of us now and then.

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