Thursday, February 21, 2008

Work Out Of Your Home - How To Keep Your Sanity!

Where do you draw the line? LaDawn an I have this same issue with our business. Some times too much business slips into our home life. We have a residential studio that is quite a busy place with staff, deliveries, phone calls, clients - the list goes on and on. How do you separate home from business? You have to draw your line in the sand for HOME and for BUSINESS.

Once that's done - don't cross it. Home time is for home and should be free of the constant pull of the business. Let an answering service get the phone, don't check the emails, don't continue to work on studio "stuff" during your non-studio time. Keep home and business separate. Look forward to the weekend if you don't have a "shoot." For the sake of your sanity don't fill that precious free time with another studio project that can wait until Monday.

Sure, we all get busy and sometimes the line blurs, but constantly strive to keep the boundaries clear in your home studio. Here is one of the best articles on the subject right here at with 30 Tips on doing just that.

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