Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weird and Strange Wednesday

Good Morning Everybody,
What a day yesterday - It seemed everything went south at the same time - equipment, printing, phone calls, video capture for the blog - yes, I have days like that, too. That's the reason for the very late post yesterday.

I always think about a piece of advice I read years ago - how do you respond to interruptions? The advice was to consider all interruptions as "molding" interruptions. Don't respond with the typical "knee jerk" reaction, but pause for a moment and consider how to respond appropriately, responsibly, and kindly. What a challenge that was yesterday, but we made it and all is well and beautiful today with the snow falling as we are presented with our first real snow covered day of the new year.

Speaking of late posts, let me explain my posting routine. These last few weeks the posts have been falling into the "afternoon" category for one reason or another - yesterday was the exception. This has been working pretty well around here as I do the postings around the studio schedule - I do the writing and LaDawn does the proof read and posting. I like to give each days posts about a 24 hour life before posting again. That means one afternoon post usually set the tone for all the following week's posts. Normally I post around 12 - 2 p.m. Since yesterday's post was so late, I am posting today around 4 p. m. - it's that 24 hour thing. Thursday and Friday should fall back to my normal schedule posting around noon to 2 p. m. Anyway, now you know the rest of the story about my blog schedule.

Well, I'm calling today's postings "Weird and Strange" Wednesday. These stores are not an early "April Fools" joke - but real stories happening in our photo segment of the blogsphere. Here goes, are you ready?

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