Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Possibilities For Higher Sales

There are a million sales solutions available for the portrait/wedding photographers. One of my favorites - MPIX has a "ton" of valuable ideas. I have been friends with the company for many years. Pricing and service cannot be beat. Check out all the MPIX pricing and sales solutions right here.

I was cruising over at Shutterfly ProGallery right here. They have some very good ideas that may work for some of the new budding wedding photographers. They make selling your pictures easy and offer several other options for photo gifts, too.
Lastly, Pictage, one of my Digital WakeUp Call tour sponsors offers a different mix of sales options for you. You can get all the Pictage info right here. Check all three out and see if there is a good fit there - they are all well respected vendors.

On that note folks, I'm heading out of here. LaDawn and I are heading to the Ohio regional photography convention in Dayton, Ohio this Friday and Saturday. I look forward to bumping into my buddy David Jay, and see what he has been up to lately.

Also, the convention has a great trade show, so we'll catch up with several of our vendor buddies, too. I'll give you the re-cap next week. I've got some cools things for tomorrow's post so I'll see you then - have a good one. --David

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  1. Love the blog as always, I was wondering, what are the details of the Ohio regional photography convention? I just did a quick google search and couldn't find anything about it. Is the public invited?

    Thank you.