Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Right Around the Corner - Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - April 27, 2008

Pinhole photographers from around the world will participate in the next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Hey, folks, this a big deal. I have always been fascinated with "pinhole photography" since I was a kid. No camera, no lens, make it yourself, only film was needed - a kind of nerdy kids dream project. I never got around to putting one together - although I am secretly working on my digital version. Wait til you see it - image stabilized pinhole, automatic bracketing, it's going to have it all ;~)

OK, all kidding aside, I ran an earlier post right here a few months back on "pinhole photography." It featured the amazing work of Roseanne Olsen. And just look at this gorgeous image from Cher McNeil below. Her beautiful Pinhole Gallery is right here.
Check out Edward Levinson artistry right here. Here is an example right here.

If you interested in this art form, let me point you to 43 links on "pinhole photography" right here. Take a look at the amazing galleries of 72 artists right here. And view the work of 459 more "pinhole photography artists" right here. And check out the gallery of images from the last 6 years - over 7000 images - from Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day right here.
It's a great creative Internet - cruise through these links. Enjoy!

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  1. Now a 17-200mm IS pinhole would be something!