Monday, February 18, 2008

Calling For All Good Ideas, Calling For All Good Ideas

OK, I've "blown it" what do I do now? Any ideas on how to get past clients back? How to win them over again? Should I invest in these past clients now? Or move on find new ones and learn from my past mistakes and never let anyone else become a past client? That was the reaction by one of my readers to last Thursday's post entitled, "Customer Service - A New Paradigm" right here.

So what does one do? I suggested a "Just Thinking of You" promotion mailing to all your past, but not forgotten clients. Mail three times and work it around a special holiday - like Valentines Day. OK, we are past that one so just pick another or just make up a "Thinking of You" day at the studio. All past clients get some special incentive for revisiting the studio.

All this brings me to my "brilliant idea" for the DigitalProTalk blog. Occasionally, I want to throw it out to our readers and see what other input we can generate. We do this all the time at my Digital Master Classes and come up with some terrific ideas. What happens if we do it globally right here - with today being our first try. Let's see what we can generate for all involved. We can all share in the ideas and hopefully, good advice, of the readers of this blog.

So, re-read the opening paragraph and please post your comments, suggestions, ideas, solutions, on regaining past or nearly lost clients..... right here and let's see what happens. Let's make this blog a two-way street and see if we can get some synergy going that benefits all readers of the DigitalProTalk blog. I'll feature some of the best suggestions in an upcoming "Business School Thursday" post.


  1. Call some of your lost clients and find out why they left. It could just have been a lack of communication. If they bring up specific problems address them. Focus on these changes in a marketing campaign. Then, continue the communication with print and/or email newsletters and a blog.

  2. Just to let David know that someone is reading today, here's what I've done when I 'Blow It.'

    Two Words: Free Stuff! Prints on canvas, brag books, and extra CD's and DVD's.

    I have a 5 year old daughter that had 4 surgeries last year and it really jacked up our delivery schedules. When I tell the client that I want to give them a canvas print that would normally sell for $250 for FREE, it brings them back every time. My canvas printer gives me a substantial discount when I order dupes, so If I'm careful about how I'm ordering it (i.e. one for a studio sample and one to give away), it doesn't cost me much more than what I was going to spend for promotions anyway. I'm saving customers and gaining customers at the same time!

  3. I have some suggestions for that topic:
    1. Do a exhibit with some of your latest works and invite all of your clients.
    2. Send seasonal greeting cards to your customers. Not a card from the shop, but one who you have shot yourself. You also can readjust some old masterpieces, of movie scenes with your staff. So your clients keep you in mind.
    3. Give your nearly lost clients a discount on copies for the pictures you have done on the last shoot.
    That´s it. Have a great Day. Greetings from Germany.