Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking Of Starting A Wedding Business

Ask yourself these 4 questions-
  • What are my objectives - big weddings, small weddings, or any weddings?

  • How am I going to set myself apart, what is my "identity" and how is it different in my market area?

  • How good of a photographer am I or do I just set the camera on "P" for "Professional" and shoot away?

  • Am I ready to accept my business responsibilities - keep good records, keep the tax man happy - or is it just a little "beer money" for the weekend.

Here is a wonderful article over at EzineArticles right here covering these topics and more. If you are truly planning to start a wedding business and/or you want to get your current studio out of "first gear" this is a good place to start. Of course the second thing to do is implement what you read here. Again, good stuff for young businesses.

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