Friday, February 29, 2008

Best Baby Photographer In the World Featured on CNN

This is a great 6 minute piece on the world renowned Anne Geddes. It's a nice peek into the creative thinking of a great photographer. Worth the "watch" right here.


  1. David,
    It looks obvious that pro-photographer uses flash when taking pictures of baby. Do you know of any references on the effect (or adverse effect) of flash on babies?


  2. I honestly don't understand how can anyone find Anne's picture beautiful.
    The babies are objects in most of her picture they are used instead of being given value.

    I have been looking for one picture of hers in which the baby's character shows but couldn't find any. Just my point of view.

  3. Hey Doug,
    I've been shooting babies for years and they have all grown up just fine ;~) --David