Friday, February 15, 2008

More Inspirational Photographers

Check out the article and images of celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland right here. I have been following his work since I was a kid just getting started. His images are always a wonderful display with eye-catching composition and color for portrait photography. Give a peek to his images right here.

Another photographer to check out is Linda Rutenberg right here. She created the entire series of images at night. As for lighting foliage at night, Rutenberg says, “Essentially, there are three different types of lighting: Some of it is done by moonlight with very long exposures, and some of the shots are done with existing light in the garden—not using the light they’re providing, but the falloff from the light. But most of the lighting in the book is done with pocket flashlights.” More "outside the box" thinking - check out Linda's images right here.

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