Friday, February 08, 2008

Fantastic Inspiration Friday

Good Morning Everybody,
Inspiration + Reflection = Creativity, at least that's my take on the subject. Whether you are a wedding, portrait, landscape photographer - it doesn't make any difference - inspiration can be found anywhere. Carl Jung's theory of inspiration reiterated the Romantic notion of inspiration by suggesting that an artist is one who is attuned to something impersonal, something outside of the individual experience. That means inspiration can come from anywhere.

Then, reflecting on that feeling of inspiration many times leads to the "Ah - Ha" moment - the creative thought. Most Fridays at my DigitalProTalk blog, I try to fine some sites that offer some kind of inspiration. Today is no different. The images and videos I'm posting today are meant to do just that. Hey, I'm a wedding guy, and they fire me up, so off we go searching, hoping, waiting for the "Ah - Ha" moment. Enjoy!

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  1. This article describes a fascinating study of creativity and explodes some myths about creativity in the workplace.

    The implications of the study certainly go beyond the workplace. As a photographer, what does this research mean when factored into your equation? To paraphrase the author, when we are supported and secure, given the freedom to deeply engage (reflect) in any aspect of our life, creativity will flourish, "even in rough times."

    Gotta Love it!