Monday, February 11, 2008

Young Skywalker Is Mastering His Craft and His Art Quite Well

When a young photog comes to you and asks if you can "mentor" you what do you say - How about, "How much money do you have?" Wait, not really- that was just a joke. First of all, you feel honored with the request.

I liked Nicholas when I first met him. He was energetic, willing and eager to learn. I hired him to be my assistant on weddings and weekend events then eventually to work part time here at the studio as one of our "Digital Techs".

He has been with me now about 2 years now. He shoots nearly everyday honing his artistry and skills and on Monday sends to a select group of friends a collection of his images. About a month ago, I encouraged him to set up a blog and share his images with the world. Well, he did and for a newbie - he his doing a great job. He keeps it fresh and updated and populates it with a nice series of images. Every time I check it out, he's got some more cool stuff working on it. Give Nicholas's site a look right here - it's a nice visit. Oh no, now he will probably want a raise;~)

1 comment:

  1. Ha, no. How can you put a price on the wisdom and inspiration of your council?

    Before I can to work for you I could identify when I accidentally took a great photo. Now I can do it at will (almost). :-)

    Thanks for letting me hang around!

    Now I have to work harder to live up to the blog.