Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Technique Tuesday - On Camera Flash Used As An Off Camera Light Source - How To Tweak The Color

I've just developed this technique over the last several months. I love bouncing my on-camera flash off a wall or any other surface. I want those photons coming in from a decent direction to give me that beautiful direction of light I want on my images.

There are many times, though, when the surface the light is bounced from is not perfectly neutral thereby color shifting the light just a bit. Sure, it a fairly easy Photoshop fix, but I wanted to get it closer or correct in the camera. Watch the short video below to see how I solved my problem. Enjoy, -David


  1. ok, so I'm pretty much a newbie, and I'm not so much questioning a mentor as much as trying to blend what I'm learning from everywhere. McNally (in The Moment It Clicks) seems to be a big fan of gels - could you have also used a gel on your quantum to warm the light and saved the step in photoshop?

    thank you for all the work you put into these posts. us newbies appreciate it.

  2. Actually, I've done that too. The Photoshop step is quick and gives better control. I'll cover the geled lighting technique in a future tutorial.
    Thank, David

  3. Excellent tutorial, I only have 1 question. Do you do a custom WB and then set the red/magenta? I normally do a custom WB and I am not familiar with the other thing as much I just know my camera has this adjustment.

  4. Hi Rene,
    Yes, 1st CWB then shift it in your Color Shift menu setting - CWB picks up shift - just remember to delete setting next time you CWB. I assume Nikon has it too. --David

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this tutorial. It was very useful !

  6. Good info, slightly different take on solving the problem - thank you for the info.

    One slight nit - looking at the before & after shots, they are two different photos! The before shows bride's right shoulder forward, arms and head position slightly different, and overall image frame is slightly different. The camera position & zoom is also inconsistant between the before & after shots...

    I'm sure you would get the same result, but it's not exactly a before & after if it's not the same image!