Monday, February 11, 2008

A Few Quick Updates

I checked the DigitalProTalk Flickr group and we only have two submissions for the "rear sync" flash challenge. I'll let it run the month and see if we get any other interest. Thanks to Gavin Jensen and Thad Lawrence for being the first to submit. Everyone else, come on let's see what you're doing. Also, Look for a Photo Dump of some of the coolest images uploaded so far - Mr. Viltrakis - who I featured earlier is our lead contributor. So, hey, post some of your best wedding, portrait, landscape, abstract, fine art images to the DigitalProTalk Flickr group right here for all to share.

Hey gang, got to go - back to the real world. I'll see everybody for tomorrow's Down and Dirty Portraits" on Technique Tuesday, plus over 1000 Photoshop tutorials, and, of course, much more. Au Revoir, --David


  1. David,

    Just a small correction. My last name is spelled "Jensen".

    I read your blog on most days and look forward to your photoshop tips. Thanks for the great resource and community building that you do.


    Gavin Jensen

  2. Got it right this time. Thanks, -David