Friday, February 29, 2008

Fabulous Inspiration Friday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Whew! We are hopping around here today. LaDawn and I heading up to the Professional Photographers of Ohio / Mid- East Regional Convention this afternoon. I'm excited to be having dinner with my buddy, David Jay, this evening and then hitting the trade show tomorrow. I'll give a show recap next week. And speaking of next week, I'll be reporting from sunny, warm Manzanillo, Mexico. Heck, relaxing down there, I might not get the posts up till early evening - just kidding. We've got to get scootin' as we've got places to go and people to see - so on with "Fabulous Inspiration Friday"...


  1. Stoked to see you guys! Your blog rocks! I just read nearly the whole thing! I'm definitely getting that 3d software! So cool!

  2. David, it was a pleasure to meet you to meet you during check-in at the Dayton Convention Center for PPO Mid-East Regional. I know I wanted to sign up for your seminar in Cincinnati in May but I'm glad you're planning another one later this year!

    I'm looking forward to your class on Kelby Training.